The Golden Rule: An Augmented Reality Book
The Golden Rule: An Interactive Book
The Golden Rule : A Duggin Adventure
The Golden Rule Amazing Illustrations
The Golden Rule: Interactive Book
The Golden Rule : A Duggin Adventure
The Wunder Company

The Golden Rule : A Duggin Adventure

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The Golden Rule: A Duggin Adventure brings one of the most important virtues to life through augmented reality. Our young readers love the interactive animations, fun music, and narrations-and parents love the opportunity to teach children a story of kindness and compassion.


    To use: Simply download the app from the App Store or Play Store (The Golden Rule by The Wunder Company), point the camera device at The Golden Rule book, and watch Duggin and his friends come to life!

    The Golden Rule: A Duggin Adventure is best enjoyed with an iPad, Android tablet or mobile device.

    Why Augmented Reality?

    With the help of a tablet or mobile device, augmented reality turns storytime into a 3D experience! And it's more than just "wow" factor. Interactive and immersive storytelling has been shown to increases focus, retention, and spatial awareness.

    Still not sure what we mean? Click through our preview images to see it in action!

    About the book

    The Golden Rule: An Augmented Reality Book

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    I bought this book for my best friend’s son who I babysit. He has ALOT of energy and the only way he actually settles down is when I let him play with my iPad. This book was so cute and actually put that dreaded iPad to good use.  I loved how interactive it was and the focus on the golden rule is a major plus. A must buy for kids in this day and age!

    Nadia K.

    My children love this interactive book, it's the first I've gotten that can work with an app! I can read the story to them or let them listen to the story through the iPad using the app. The app has interactive components and a wonderful responsive audio to read the story. Best part is that my 4 and 5 year old can navigate it by themselves. They both enjoyed Duggin's little adventure and the story is very sweet and easy to comprehend for all ages.

    Usman T.